International Propeller Club of the United States, Port of Piraeus - Agenda

Monday, 19 September
3:00-4:00PM International Board of Directors Meeting
6:30-8:30PM International Board of Directors Dinner The Grand by Interni – Grand Hyatt Hotel
Tuesday, 20 September
7:30-11:00AM Registration
9:00-10:30AM First Port President Meeting
10:30-10:45AM Coffee Break
10:45-12:00PM Propeller Club Leadership Training and Round tables - Parthenon Hall
12:00-1:00PM Lunch Break – Cyclades Hall
1:00-1:30PM Welcome and Convention Opening Remarks
1:30-2:00PM Opening Session / Keynote Speaker
2:00-3:15PM Current Geopolitical Events Panel: Impact on trading patterns, energy routes, and ports of East Med. – Parthenon Hall
3:15-3:30PM Coffee Break
3:30-5:00PM Women’s Propeller Club Meeting
6:30-9:00PM Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus President’s Reception- Standing Networking Dinner – Venue The Grand by Interni - Grand Hyatt Hotel
Wednesday, 21 September
7:30-9:00AM Registration
8:30-9:45AM Student Port Meeting – Estia Hall
10:00-11:00AM Ports in today’s fast changing environment Panel: (Parthenon Hall) How will the current external pressures that impact shipping and trade, together with new environmental regulations, technology trends, increasing cyber threats and the foreseeable tonnage effect port operations?
11:00-11:15AM Coffee Break
11:15-12:15PM The Human Element: Preparing for the Future Maritime Education & Reskilling Panel: (Parthenon Hall) New environmental regulations and technology trends require upskilling and reskilling of the crews on-board as well as the office personnel. They also pose an opportunity to attract fresh talent. How will the industry handle this?
12:15-2:00PM Awards' Luncheon with Keynote Speaker – Cyclades Hall
2:00-3:00PM Maritime Career Opportunities: International Officers and Port Presidents network with students – Parthenon Hall
3:00-6:00PM Tour of the Port of Piraeus *Bus will depart from the Grand Hyatt Hotel at 3PM and return upon the end of the Port Tour
From 6:00PM Dinner on your own
Thursday, 22 September
7:30-11:00AM Registration
8:30-9:45AM Propeller Club Regional Meetings – Parthenon Hall
10:00-11:00PM Navigating the “NEXT” Stage of the Shipping Evolution Driven by Decarbonization Panel: The upcoming regulations towards the 2030 & 2050 decarbonization targets greatly impact technology choices, fuel supply chain, financial and commercial decisions as well as operational practices. What is the current view?
11:00-11:15AM Coffee Break
11:15-12:15PM Navigating the “NEXT” Stage of the Shipping Evolution Driven by Digitalization Panel: Digital technologies are here to support the shipping industry operations on matters of vessel performance monitoring, voyage/route optimization, machinery maintenance as well as autonomy. Is the industry embracing this?
12:15-1:30PM Seated Lunch – Cyclades Hall
1:30-3:00PM Sustainable Shipping: A Capital Intensive and Heavily Operational Business Panel: Driven by regulations and several industry-wide initiatives, sustainability in shipping has come into focus as a top priority. Are ESG practices already embedded in daily operations? Are financiers and capital providers encouraging and/or rewarding sustainability or just ticking the boxes?
3:15-4:30PM Second Port Presidents Meeting and Installation of Officers
6:30-9:30PM Cocktail Reception and Gala Dinner – Yacht Club of Greece