Amelia Rocos

Senior Risk Management Analyst of Diaplous Group

Amelia Rocos is the Senior Risk Management Analyst at Diaplous Group. Being of Greek, Chinese and British heritage, Amelia has a broad understanding of the multi-faceted security challenges in the global socio-political context. Working closely with Diaplous’ in-house Intelligence Analysis & Vital Response Crisis Management Centre, Amelia develops key client-specific and industry-specific analyses and situational outlooks, particularly those relating to major global events and high-impact security incidents. Being on Diaplous’ Oil & Gas Security Survey & Risk Management Committee, Amelia develops Security Management Systems and Security Plans tailored to the specific needs of Diaplous’ international clients, particularly for those in the oil and gas industry and their maritime collaborators. Amelia plays a key role in determining the overall risk management strategies for major clients and helps them establish both immediate and long-term holistic and integrated security solutions. Amelia’s multilingual abilities also provide a particular strength in cross-cultural communication and relationship management.